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Being the "best you can be" is really only possible when you are deeply connected to another. Splendid isolation is for planets, not people.

Sue Johnson

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Do you need help communicating with your spouse?  Are you caught in the same argument loop day after day?

I understand…relationships can be hard work.

You had such wonderful dreams of what being coupled would feel like, and while you do experience some of the joy, you often feel drained, alone, panicked and haunted by the feeling that your relationship is missing something.

Making deep meaningful connections with your partner is challenging. You’re tired of trying to explain yourself, only to be misunderstood or have your feeling dismissed. All you want is to feel safe, truly seen, heard and understood.

You’re beginning to feel like if something doesn’t change in the relationship, you’re going to snap.

Couples therapy can help you explore how you developed personally and you create meaningful connections and intimacy in relationships. You can find solutions to promote a more fulfilling and peaceful environment. You and your spouse can learn to create spaces of safety to share your feelings and needs.

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You are wired to attach and connect to others, but if your early attachment model was impacted by trauma or neglect, you might have developed unhealthy ways of seeing yourself and your relationships. This view will impact how to relate to your partner or spouse.

Using Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), we will look at individual, relational and family dysfunction. Together we will identify the emotional and attachment issues that create the negative cycle that keeps you and your partner in conflict. You will learn new ways of relating with each other. You will begin building an alliance with your significant other, allowing each partner to be vulnerable as you safely share your experiences with an accepting and empathetic spouse.


You can begin to experience feeling seen and understood, you can enjoy more laughter and joy in your relationship.

When issues need to be discussed, you can use your new skills to address relationship concerns without spiraling into the conflict loop. You can have the assurance that your partner is available, responsive, and engaged, which enhances relational safety and connection.

Issues I Support Couples With:

In our couple’s therapy sessions, Lovell Place Psychotherapy is committed to helping you develop the skills needed to maintain and sustain healthy love. Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) considers both parties’ feelings, needs, and personalities. It provides the opportunity to hear and accept your spouse’s experience.


Couples learn to identify and stop automatic unhelpful relationship patterns, identify attachment needs, and support each other by creating safe spaces to be with each other. Couples can learn to express their needs and wants while strengthening emotional and attachment bonds.

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