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Childhood trauma and early family life experience, impacts you as an individual and your future relationships. (Premarital Counseling)


Are you and your future spouse looking to better understand what you are each bringing to your marriage?


Why not Save Your Marriage Before It Starts (SYMBIS)

Pre-marital counselling will help you and your significant other create a solid foundation for marital success by exploring your


  • Well-being
  • Mindsets
  • Marriage momentum
  • Support
  • Views on finances
  • Expectations
  • Potential flags (Including impact of childhood trauma)
  • And more
As a Certified SYMBIS Facilitator, I work with couples to apply this proven assessment and feedback resource to help foster a more resilient relationship and marriage. The program assesses relationships over several categories and gives a current relationship snapshot. Couples get the opportunity to discuss the results, and this program is a proven way to lower the divorce risk. 
SYMBIS is an accurate research-based report showing your relational strength and areas for growth.

The main benefits of SYMBIS:

1) It flags and lowers relational risk factors, and

2) It optimizes the combined strengths of the couple.

The SYMBIS Assessment is personalized, robust, and powerful. It assesses psychological wellbeing and reveals how your combined personalities can be leveraged for optimal success.

Couples taking the SYMBIS assessment, will receive and review their personalized SYMBIS report with their certified facilitator. 

The report provides dozens of compelling insights and prompts countless conversations to help you grow as individuals and as a couple.

The SYMBIS program runs over 4 sessions. Reviewing, applying, and internalizing the material requires time. Your wedding is exciting and important; however, the quality of your marriage has lasting and daily impacts and is worth investing in before it starts.

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Save Your Marriage Before It Starts

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